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When faced with problems or setbacks in your life, what is your immediate reaction? If you’re like most of the people, your first impulse is to complain. “Why did this happen to me? What am I going to do now? My plans are ruined!” Well, this response is only natural. However, after the initial disappointment wears off, you have a choice to make. You can either wallow in misery and swell on the negative aspects of your situation or you can find the benefit or lesson that the problem is offering!

Yes, you’ll probably face a period of uncertainty or struggle, but there’s always a flip side to the difficulty. You see, a Problem is often not a problem at all. It may actually be an opportunity. For instance, a problem may point out an adjustment you can make to improve certain conditions in your life. Without the problem, you never would have taken this positive action.

For example, you probably know or have heard about someone who lost his or her job and then went on to start a successful business. Often, that person will tell you that if he or she hadn’t been laid off, the new business would never have been started. What started as an Adversity ended up as a golden opportunity!

How Adversity Serves Us

So, lets examine the following ways in which adversity serves us.

Adversity gives us perspective

Once you’ve recovered from a life-threatening illness, a flat tire or a leaky roof doesn’t seem so troubling anymore. You’re able to rise above the petty annoyances of daily living and focus your attention on the truly important things in your life.

Adversity teaches us to be grateful

Through problems and difficulties, especially those which involve loss or deprivation, you develop a deeper appreciation for many aspects of your life. It’s trite but true! — you don’t usually appreciate something until it’s taken away from you. When you have no hot water, you suddenly value hot water. Not until you’re sick do you cherish good health. The wise person continues dwelling on blessings, even after the period of loss or deprivation has passed. Remember, we’re always moving in a direction of our dominant thoughts; therefore, concentrating on what you have to be grateful for brings more good things into your life.

Adversity encourages us to make changes and take action

Most people cling to old, familiar patterns regardless of how boring or painful their lives have become. It often takes a crisis or a series of difficulties to motivate them to make adjustments. Problems are often life’s way of letting you know that you’re off course and need to take correlative action.

Adversity brings out our hidden potential

After surviving a difficult exam or overcoming an obstacle, you emerge emotionally stronger. Life has tested you and you were equal to the task! Then, when the next hurdle appears, you;re better equipped to handle it. Problems and challenges bring out the best within us — we discover abilities we never knew we possessed. Many of us would never have discovered these talents if life hadn’t made us travel over some bumpy ground. Adversity reveals to you your own strengths and capacities, and beckons you to develop those qualities even further.

Adversity teaches us valuable lessons

Take the example of a person who had failed in a business venture. That entrepreneur will surely learn something more precious from failure that enables him or her to succeed spectacularly on the next venture!

Adversity opens a new door

A relationship terminates and you go on to a more satisfying relationship. You loose your job and find a better one. In these situations, the “problem” is not a problem at all! It is an opportunity in disguise. One door in your life has been shut, but there is a better one waiting to be opened.

Adversity builds confidence and self-esteem

When you master all of your courage and determination to overcome an obstacle, you feel competent and gain confidence. You have a greater feeling of self-worth and carry these positive vibes into subsequent activities.

To be continued…
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  1. lucky butt says:

    I am really impress with your blog so 3 words for your website, unique information, good selection of topic and quality.

  2. Puneet Kaur says:

    you have written this blog really well, and yes it is the common human nature to value the things when they are not there

  3. A really motivational & inspiring post ! Thanks for the positivity

  4. Every word of your blog post is so true. Difficult time teaches a person a lot many things. These things may look unpleasant at that point of time, but after you get out of that adversity, you return stronger than ever!!

  5. Ami Rose says:

    I’m definitly one of the people that gives up at the first obstacle but I like the idea of turning these into opportunities.

    Ami xxx

  6. Shell says:

    I definitely try to see the good even when things go wrong… I feel strongly that we can see a path that shows us light even in the darkest hour.

  7. Dalene says:

    Adversity gives us the opportunity to be brave and do the unthinkable to make things better! For sure, this opens doors.

  8. Truly inspiring post and thanks for sharing! Totally agree with every word and specially ‘Adversity teaches us to be grateful’. I totally agree that a lit of times your appreciate things when they are taken away and I have experienced it in my life.

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