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Shaik Mohammed Raiyyan


Hello everyone! I’m Raiyyan, a computer science sophomore and currently undergoing the University Innovation Fellows training from Stanford University. Well, as a part of one of our assignments, I have noticed that we, students don’t give priority to communication skills as well as active participation in a club which flourish our communication skills.

Precisely, communication skills are essential for the successful future career of a student. In todays competitive world, communication skills in business are the most sought after quality of an educated person. But we just don’t show interest in acquiring those skills at all. A freshman might not know its importance till he/she gets into the final year of graduation. It is then, when they get to know the true importance of communication skills as they attend various placements. Many students fail to express their ideas even whem they have handful of them just due to lack of communication skills.

This needs to be changes as soon as possible because many students are losing their placement opportunities due to this. This change is important to let the students know about the true importance of communication skills and the role they play in future. The thing that every student can freely express their personal perspectives and ideas more vividly convinced me for this change to take place.

WinkHere TedEd

WinkHere TedEd Clubs

The Technology, Entertainment, Design Education Club is the solution for this problem. This club has in itself various activities which try to bring out the best in a student as well as improve their communication skills. In this club, students work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas. Club leaders receive the flexible clubs curriculum to help inspire tomorrow’s TED speakers and leaders.

WinkHere TedEd

WinkHere TedEd Clubs

Identifying their passion, the first part of the Clubs curriculum has members explore the ideas they’re passionate about. By diving into activities that expand curiosity, club members will identify and discuss what matters most to them.

Choosing their idea, as members journey through the Clubs curriculum, they’ll be challenged to identify and shape the story only they can tell. Through guided brainstorms and active peer feedback exercises, members will craft their very own TED-style talk.

Start talking, by the end of their club cycle, members will have recorded their very own talk and uploaded it to our Clubs YouTube channel, which can then be shared with their families, friends, communities and the world.

So, with that said, I would like you guys to take part in this interesting club which brings out the best version of you so that you can easily express whatever you want. I’m hoping that most of you students would surely get into this club and learn things you’re interested in. A great change in students communication skills can be easily observed when one regularly attends the club.

Marella Yasaswini

Hi dear young grizzles! I am Yasaswini pursuing computer science student and currently undergoing the University Innovation Fellows training from Stanford University. Well, as a part of one of our assignments, I have noticed that we, are not aware of seminars,workshops and hackathons, right?

WinkHere Seminars and Workshops

WinkHere Seminars and Workshops

So how many of you have registered in Hackerrank and Codechef events, how many of you attend workshops ferequently and how many of you deliver seminars frequently?

What is a Workshop and how we should be guided over the exposure of workshops in and around the campus?
Well, It is a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

These workshops facilitates  students on

  1. Practical application of learning to the real world and the world of work.
  2. Skill development including communication, team work and presentation.
  3. Development of an understanding about architecture and the built environment.
WinkHere Hackathons

WinkHere Hackathons

So the solution for the problem is:
Every important topic in the curriculum which are covered and going to be covered are made some topics for seminars
Seminars delivered by students should be given some points and based on those points students are awarded prizes every month.

What is a seminar and what are the benefits you get in Seminars
Seminars has numerous benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence. So the solution for this is, Workshops are to made compulsory for every student In a year at least thrice in their curriculum.

Students get a wide exposure of knowledge through these workshops. The fear for every student is on coding, so here is a solution to the problem that I came upon, Students must be registered in Hackerrank, Codechef events in the first year itself .
Students should interact with counseller in counselling hour scheduled once a week and discuss what they did in their one week time in Hackerrank and Codechef websites.

Students are encouraged to participate in Hackathon events based on Hackerrank or Codechef scores. So if you utilize these opportunities I am sure there will be future Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg coming from here. And the information about these
seminars and workshops will be provided in our Byndr app.

Manogna Avula

Hello everyone! I’m Manogna, a mechanical engineer and currently undergoing the University Innovation Fellows training from Stanford University as well. As a part of one of our assignments,we should improve our design thinking process with innovative mindset.

WinkHere DT Club

WinkHere Design Thinking Club


The Design thinking club is about ,when students have different ideas on a problem or an idea that discuss their ideas with the fellow students, brainstorm those ideas and come up with a solution. So the solution to develop innovative and creative mindset among students is to have a Design Thinking club, so what are we going to do in this club,

  1. This club will help to improve a new way of thinking problems and questions we face in our world.
  2. This club helps to step outside of the traditional boxes with visual thinking,creativity and innovation.
  3. This club helps to come up with different ideas on a problem by discussing it with the club members.

We are going to recruit members for this club without the seniority in the college. The recruitment process ends with an interview preceded by a psychometric test. Interviewers will be senior UIF fellows. This club concentrates on the strategies of the college education and tries to improve it so that the students will be benefited in learning rather than in spoon-feeding. The members of this club also decides the UIF candidates for that educational year.

This club takes all the ideas and problems, which the institution is not aware of, to the notice of the personnel who could make time and solve the problems and implement the useful ideas. Hence the outcome for this club is students get a clear and innovative idea for a problem.

Venkata Sai Charan Sattu

Hii dear students! I am Charan, pursuing electronics and communication engineering and currently undergoing the University Innovation Fellows training from Stanford University. Well, as a part of one of our assignments, I have found that we have a hectic schedule. We all have the rigid timetable where we are going to feel stressed and not able to give 100% percent to any work.

So what I thought is to change the timetable in the following way.

Change in Timings - UIF | WinkHere

Change in Timings – UIF | WinkHere


This helps everyone of us to get refreshed from the hectic schedule and develops a creative mindset among us, this timetable helps us to develop innovative mind set among students and especially Sports are going to help us get out from the stress and develop a healthy mind among ourselves. So my solution for redesign of time-table will help us in a better way.
So utilize this timetable and make yourselves focused on the things which you feel are important in your life.


Storytelling done by:

Shaik Mohammed Raiyyan

Marella Yasaswini

Manogna Avula

Venkata Sai Charan Sattu

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