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Age Of Greatness!

That age has finally arrived. The age of greatness.

The age where walking around the city with your necks tilted at awkward angles. Looking down at a box which costs a bomb and provides you with all the necessary information in the world to make your life better. The box which can tell you what people are upto, where they’re hanging out, whom they’re dating, where they’re eating, when they’re gonna die, almost everything! So that you could either envy them, feel the burn of jealousy and curse your life for being such a boring piece of shit.

The age where looking up is barely necessary. I mean why, why even bother looking at the sky while you walk on the pavement on a beautiful Sunday evening, when you could simply watch random sunset videos shared by your bestie on Facebook. It’s awesome. Less work on your neck.

Why bother talking to the guy sitting next to you in a crowded train, when you could simply isolate yourself from the world and watch the lives of people stuck in a huge studio for 100 days while you laugh alone in the corner seat thinking about what could’ve been done to save themselves.

Why bother looking outside the window and observe the lives of all the people in the locality as you move past them, when you could simply tweet your concern for the society and argue about it with unknown strangers online. You can simply change the world these days by one like equals one love, a black dp equals protest, and a colored dp equals fight for the rights of the society. It’s okay not to know the issue, as long as you’re moving with the herd, nodding your head to every crap that’s thrown at you.

More Of It

Why bother playing with your little toddler when you can simply introduce him to the next update of your favorite bubble bursting game and silence him once and for all. Who’s ready to bear all that tantrum, isn’t it ?

Why bother eating your food one bit at a time and smelling its aroma when you could simply take a snap of it and hashtag it with titles to show the world what kind of foodie you are. Who cares how tasty the juicy chicken is, as long as you cross 100 likes in an hour?

Why bother inviting your friend over to your house and play badminton when you could just sit in the lonely corner of your room and watch cat and dog videos and laugh alone like a retard and while away all your time browsing for some more. Oh, did I forget the great memes that make your lives better ? They need a standing ovation.

Why bother calling your grandma who lives alone somewhere in your hometown, when you could simply look at all the Whatsapp profile pictures and status and wonder why you don’t receive a single text message in spite of being such a great human being. Maybe you should install Snapchat, Telegram, Hike, Wechat and more. That could help.


Why bother cozying up with your loved one when you could simply binge watch TV series. Take porn breaks and spend your vacation completing the latest season to know who won the great throne. And all this at the luxury of just one little box which has exceptional memory. How great is that! After all, real relationships are the thing of the past, and we are the modern generation, aren’t we ?

How can we ever feel lonely when this baby is by our side, day and night. At the office or home, at the loo or outside the hall, at the park, or in the beach. You barely have to move when it’s by your side. Our little box is there for us and that’s more than what a human can ask for. What’s the point of even having friends these days?

Bullshit. Cut them off from your life so that you could dedicate more time to your little costly baby. Take care of her screen as well. Get a screen guard, a designer pouch and make sure you upgrade your baby to the latest version. Because hey, that’s your soul mate in this big and bright beautiful world. Who else is ?

Age of greatness | WinkHere

Age of greatness | WinkHere

Ah, look at all those pretty faces.

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