About Me


I’m a Sophomore, Quoran, Coder, HackerRank’er, Multilingual [ Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, English , Arabic], Decent cook, Philomath, Bibliophile, Sententious, Multitasker, Shy as hell, God father of Procrastination, Gamer, Ambivert et al!
The best thing that about being a procrastinator as well as positive is coining some funny quotes. One of which is “Procrastination is just enjoying the side quests in life whilst you delay the main quest story mission”.
Just a curious living being who has stepped onto blogging to let the world know about his perspectives and ideas.


After the realization set in that I won’t be getting into any one of the prestigious institutions in India, I decided why to ponder much about it and set off on a journey with the CS50!

Pursuing my sophomore year, I’ve already known what more to do and how to do.
Written quite a few articles on Success.

I guess this is more than enough at this stage!