5 Habits That Can Improve Your Life

The best way to improve your life is to start inviting new habits. In this post I’ll be listing out some habits that will surely improve your life! Here are the 5 habits that can improve your life.

5 Habits that can improve your life:

  1. Cultivate your focus.
  2. Read everyday.
  3. Reflect your thoughts.
  4. Feel good.
  5. Exercise daily.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the post!

1.Cultivate your focus.

5 Habits That Can Improve Your Life | WinkHere

5 Habits That Can Improve Your Life | WinkHere

     Here’s how:

  1. Work on a task single-mindedly. Multitasking isn’t a virtue. Your mind isn’t designed to multitask. When you multitask, you usually get little things done. When you singletask, things get completed pretty effectively.
  2. Your mind will sneakily look for distractions. That’s normal. Acknowledge your wandering mind and refocus on your task.
  3. Focus on things which are reasonably beyond your comfort zone. So that you can grow. Solve challenging questions. Study helpful topics. Challenge your pre-existing beliefs.
  4. When you master the ability to focus, you get into flow state much more easily. Your learning curve will increase exponentially. You’ll be an effective learner and productive hustler.
  5. I hope you see that the opportunity to practice focus is everywhere. Focus is an invaluable asset. Cultivate it.


5 Habits That Can Improve Your Life | WinkHere

5 Habits That Can Improve Your Life | WinkHere

      Here’s how:

  1. Most people don’t read. Some read for pleasure. Few read to improve their behavior. To improve your life, read with the grand objective to improve your behavior.
  2. It’s easy to intellectualize the things you’ve read, and that’s required. But most people are trapped there, almost forever. You have to go beyond that. You want to have both the theory and practice. You want to internalize those wisdom. Don’t simply stop at understanding something intellectually – make it a part of who you are. You might like this.
  3. Assess yourself and identify your current bottleneck. If you procrastinate recently, read books about procrastination. Understand the mechanism of procrastination deeply. If you want to be more financially-literate, read books like Rich Dad Poor DadCash Flow Quadrant and The Millionaire Next Door. Read those books again and again. Good results do happen.
  4. Highlight important text. Make your own notes. Challenge the author’s point of view if necessary. You don’t have to agree with everything the author says. Cultivate your own thinking ability.
  5. Most importantly, revisit your books from time to time. New wisdom will be explored. That’s were you get to consistently experience.


      Here’s how:

  1. It’s impractical to aim to be a perfect human being. It’s more practical to be the best we can be, and reflect from our mistakes.
  2. You have to accept that mistakes are unavoidable. In fact, mistakes are our silent mentorsJust make sure you don’t make the reckless and foolhardy onesThat’s a total different story.
  3. Identify behaviors which weigh you down and consciously decide to behave better next time. For example, if you waste too much time on the bed, make a conscious decision to literally jump out of the bed once you wake up.
  4. Don’t be a stupid. I mean, don’t make your reflection sessions into self-sabotaging sessions. Don’t do thatYou can’t change your past. Accept it and look forward.
  5. Imagine you applying reflection on your career, relationship and the skills you want to build. Man, you’ll be able to go much further.

4.Feel good.

      Here’s how:

  1. You don’t want to feel bad, do you? Well, understand that it’s you who fundamentally determines how you feel. In other words, inner work is required.
  2. Practice gratitude. No matter how good or bad your life is, there must be something to be grateful about. This morning, I am consciously grateful that I am alive, the sun is bright and my car engine starts smoothly. You get the point.
  3. The ability to feel good is a skill. Build that skill, so you don’t have to depend on low-conscious things like alcohol, party and junk food to feel good temporarily.
  4. I’m not suggesting you to abstinence from alcohol, party and junk food all together. You can enjoy those things, as long as you don’t make them as your only source of good feelings. Put this crucial understanding into perspective.
  5. You can feel good at anytime. Anytime. The question is, are you actually willing to make it happen?


5 Habits That Can Improve Your Life | WinkHere

5 Habits That Can Improve Your Life | WinkHere

      Here’s how:

  1. Pick up some physical activities you like and do it for at least three times per week and 30 mins per session. Better yet, exercise daily.
  2. Have fun while exercising. Be present in the moment. Put all other things aside.
  3. Health is wealth. To verify, you may ask those wealthy people laying on the hospital beds. I’ve asked them. Yes, they said health is wealth. A very serious problem in todays youth covered here.
  4. Don’t mix up exercising with competition. If you jog, there’s no need to be the fastest runner in your town. Just jog, sweat and enjoy. Your goal is to be healthy, not to win medals.
  5. Make friends through exercising. It will be fun. Also, a number of them may become your best buddies or confidants someday.


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20 Responses

  1. Heraa Farooq says:

    I have always been into multi tasking and now I see how it has affected alot of things in my life. I have lots of un finished stuff left. Rather I should have been focusing on one thing single minded and had it finished. Well it’s never too late I guess.

  2. Star harford says:

    The only one of them I do is exersize and that really does help me be more relaxed. I wish I had the time to read but the last time I read a book was before my daughter was born!

  3. Bhumi says:

    Thanks for this post:) you said it right; we should read as well as practice. I’ll definitely get some financially educating books since I dream to be a girl boss :’)

  4. Pooja says:

    True.Reading is one of the most important factor which helps you to improve your GK as well as your life.

  5. Joanna says:

    I have decided to start exercising every day and at the moment I make time to go to the gym in the morning, right after I wake up. I am looking forward to see how this habit will improve my life.

  6. I agree with all 5 habits, especially reading and excersising. I try to do these daily. You could also include clean eating to the list.

  7. Joline says:

    I agree – multitasking isn’t a virtue. Some people even have said there’s no such thing! I try to focus on one task at any given time. (It’s not always easy!)

  8. Oursamyatra says:

    Exercise and book reading are the most effective for me. Everybody should have some these habits to improve the life style and these also helps in growing concentration.

  9. Anastasia says:

    I was curios after seeign the list in the beginning, how will you break down the recommendation to fell good. And I completely agree. I also see feeling good as a choice. This inner piece and contempt is my ‘feeling good’

  10. Mayuri says:

    I completely agree with all the habits you mentioned in the post for a healthy lifestyle. I love reading books and I find it to be one of the most important brain exercises that not only changes your perspective but also helps in finding a solution to problems. 🙂

  11. I have been starting to improve more about myself. Glad i have read this. Thanks for sharing

  12. Elizabeth O says:

    I agree with you!! We must first focus on one thing before we make another task. because when we take it together we will not finish it. Reading is one of the most important to helps us to improve our life.

  13. Alok Rana says:

    These are some great tips to implement in life. I am focused with my aims and reading every day but I can’t find time for the workout or can say I have so many excuses for it.

    And I know I need to change that habit. The workout is very important for a perfect mind functionality and I really need my mind to function everyday.

  14. Lizzie Jones says:

    YES YES YES to reflecting your thoughts.

    I’ve been reflecting on 3 good things and 3 bad things that I wish could have gone better every day for the last 3 months and I’ve found that the improvement in my mentality is really noticeable!

  15. Love this post! Great reminder to slow down and focus on all these important things!


  16. Yukti says:

    All 5 simple tricks really does wonders to improve life. Focus is the main thing. Sometimes when we are not multi-tasking then also we loose focus and so we cannot work properly. Mentally many things run in our mind which distracts our focus. But focussing is more important to achieve something or remain happy.

  17. Jen S says:

    My happiness improves so drastically just from a little exercise a day! It’s insane how important it can be.

  18. white says:

    I like the part on focus and exercise. Those are my priority at the moment. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Aditi says:

    This is such a great list of things. I am really focusing on reading and exercise these days, hopefully, I can stick to these for a long time.

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